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As State Representative, Justin proved that you can put commonsense principles into action to change government for the better.

Justin has never voted for a broad-based tax increase, helped pass important reforms to make it harder to increase property taxes, passed fiscally responsible budgets, and is standing up to special interests who want to tax-and-spend more to pay for wasteful programs.

Now Justin will continue fighting for common sense initiatives that address the challenges Pennsylvania faces…

Strong Fiscal Discipline to Put Taxpayers First

  • Oppose the Governor’s disastrous efforts to increase taxes by billions of dollars
  • Reform the public pension system by placing all new hires into a 100% defined contribution system, and encouraging current enrollees to switch to the same
  • Hold any proposed spending increases to less than the rate of inflation; the state must stop spending what taxpayers do not have
  • Enact comprehensive welfare reform that focuses on proven strategies to reduce poverty while slowing the rate of spending
  • Eliminate unfunded mandates to reduce costs at the school, county and municipal levels

Spark Economic Growth to Create Jobs

  • Smart tax reform that makes Pennsylvania competitive in the national marketplace, and help maintain and attract employers and entrepreneurs
  • Support our state’s agricultural community and farm-based businesses by providing them needed flexibility to ensure the continued economic vitality of farms and agri-businesses
  • Streamline regulations to make Pennsylvania a fair, predictable, and consistent place to do business
  • Get government out of private business such as liquor sales, hotels, and more
  • Pass lawsuit abuse reforms to end frivolous lawsuits and support initiatives like “loser pays” and business specialty courts

Education That Prepares Kids for Success

  • Provide fair funding for schools by focusing state spending on education, and implementing the new bipartisan school funding formula to make sure our local school districts are treated more fairly
  • Focus on fundamental skills in math, reading, science, and technology that children need to succeed – and stop “teaching to the test”
  • Take special interests out of our schools through teacher tenure reform, and opening administration positions to non-teachers
  • Increase educational choice to give students and parents more opportunity for educational achievement
  • Utilize technology to enhance student learning and provide greater access to tutoring, AP courses, courses not available at local schools, online learning, SAT prep, etc.
  • Support vocational and skills-based education that provides needed skills (at a lower cost) to obtain good-paying jobs that provide for lifelong success

Tough Government Reforms

  • Ensure timely passage of the state budget by requiring the state to default to the previous year’s budget if no agreement is reached by the June 30th deadline
  • Move all legislators into a 401(k)-type retirement system and end the current pension system
  • Utilize technology to increase transparency by making more documents, fiscal information, legislative information, campaign finance information, etc. available online
  • Eliminate WAMs once-and-for-all and replace them with a transparent grant system based on the merit of public projects
  • End legislative per diems and require legislators to submit for legitimate expenses by following I.R.S. guidelines
  • Make Pennsylvania a Right To Work state, end project labor agreements, and repeal prevailing wage laws to put taxpayers first, instead of special interest labor unions

Preserve Our Community’s Values

  • Ensure the safety of our neighborhoods by working cooperatively with all community members to reduce crime and address the proliferation of illegal drugs
  • Support community organizations that help provide support and services for the disadvantaged
  • Ensure parents have the right to educate their children how they choose be it through public, private, charter or home school education
  • Oppose measures that infringe on the Second Amendment Rights of every American
  • Preserve private property rights and fight for eminent domain reform