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Dear Rep. Simmons,

We are pleased to inform you that the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee has endorsed you for re-election to the Pennsylvania state House.

The Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation Political Action Committee is the internal PAC of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. The Federation represents every region of the state and is Pennsylvania’s largest statewide pro-life organization.

We appreciate your support for a ban on taxpayer funding of abortions, which is supported by the vast majority of Pennsylvanians. We also commend you for a solid voting record that reflects your deep commitment to the most vulnerable among us.

Please feel free to disseminate our announcement in any appropriate manner. In order to give you full control over the announcement of our endorsement, we do not ourselves distribute a press release concerning the announcement. We, however, will be informing pro-life voters in your district about our endorsement.

We thank you for your commitment to helping to restore protection for human life and we look forward to continue working with you for the cause of life.

All the best,

Maria Gallagher
Legislative/PAC Director

A copy of the full letter can be found here.