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Justin Simmons today was endorsed by Pennsylvania’s National Federation of Independent Business’s SAFE Trust (the NFIB’s political arm) as the best choice for State Representative in the 131st District. This is the second time this year Simmons has received their endorsement, as SAFE Trust supported him in his contested primary election as well.

The NFIB represents more than 325,000 member small businesses who are the driving force of the economy and job creation both in Pennsylvania and across the Commonwealth.

“Your election is not only critical to the small-business owners in your district, but also to protecting free enterprise across Pennsylvania. On behalf of all NFIB members, we look forward to standing with you as you continue to do big things for small business,” said Kevin Shivers, NFIB Executive State Director for Pennsylvania, in a letter notifying Simmons of the endorsement.

The NFIB endorsement came after an extensive review of Simmons’s legislative record as it related to the pro-economic growth, pro-free enterprise issues that will help grow the state’s economy and provide good-paying jobs to its citizens.

“I thank the NFIB and all its local members for their support. An endorsement like this sends a strong message that, in Harrisburg and here at home, I am doing the right things to help our job creating small-businesses. I will continue to work with Republicans and Democrats to pass the commonsense policies that will move our state in a better direction economically,” Simmons said.